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Architecture Workstation PC
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3D CAD Workstation PC's

Get the performance you need and the ability to easily edit your designs seamlessly.

Product Developers
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3D Product Design

Your end-to-end design workflow solution - sketch, concept, model and render 3D designs all on one device. Get incredible pro-grade performance so you can seamlessly work with large and complex 3D models.

Professional PC Setup South Africa
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A range of powerful, reliable workstations, optimized to meet your professional business demands. Choose from an 'off the shelf system' or build your own.

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PRO Performance
3D Workstation PC'S

Workstations are high end PCs designed for business critical operations, with common features such as Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory, SSD storage and optimised graphics cards. These features allow a Workstation to out-perform a standard Desktop PC.


Workstation components can produce several times the power of consumer-level hardware. This power results in faster render times, smoother animation, seamless simulation, and more intense machine learning.

4K & Multiple Monitor Ready

Connect multiple monitors to one graphics card to better manage your workflow or display one image across several screens for a panoramic experience.


Ultra-quiet Workstation PC


Many components in a workstation are considered “workstation-class” meaning they of a higher standard than what’s found in a typical desktop PC. These components will be used at high demand, and they must be able to handle these expectations, day in and day out.

Customize Your Build​

Our customers have unique requirements; therefore, we will build to suit your specific needs.


The Latest Generation Processors

Intel 10th generation CPU South Africa

Tackle heavy workloads with Intel® or AMD® processors. Get stability, data integrity and protection against potential crashes with ECC memory.

NVIDIA® Quadro® 3D Graphics

NVIDIA QUADRO VGA Card Gauteng South Africa
Seamlessly edit your designs and render multi-layered files with certified NVIDIA® Quadro® P1000 graphics, optimised for stability and performance with professional software apps.

Blazing Fast Storage

Accelerate your productivity and save files locally with up to 4 TB local PCIe NVMe storage that’s up to 21 times faster than standard HDD storage and six times faster than SATA SSD2.


Workstation Computer Gauteng South Africa


3D CAD Workstation South Africa - Phoenix PC

3D Modelling

Video Editing PC Gauteng South Africa

Video Editing

Content creator South Africa

Content Creation

Ultra-quiet Workstation PC
Ultra-quiet Workstation PC
Ultra-quiet Workstation PC


Featured Workstation PC's


Phoenix Workstation PC South Africa

  Phoenix WS-i5-QP400  

QUADRO P400 Graphics


Phoenix Workstation PC South Africa

  Phoenix WS-i7-QP400  

QUADRO P400 Graphics


Phoenix Workstation PC South Africa

  Phoenix WS-i7-QP1000  

QUADRO P1000 Graphics


Phoenix Workstation PC South Africa

  Phoenix WS-i9-P4000RTX  

QUADRO P4000 RTX Graphics


Exclusively built & supported by Computersonly

Computersonly has a legacy of support, built on personalized service and expertise. When you purchase one of our high-performance gaming PCs, you get a veteran team of technicians and support professionals that will assist you from day one.